Squires Cafe Annual Event, Garforth

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September saw Vozz venture to the Northern Powerhouse of motorcycling, Squires Café.

A venue that attracts local riders and touring bike parties from all over, Squires Café has a no-nonsense charm that typifies so many bikers. From the chippy van to the famous ‘milky coffee’ Squires Café offers a no frills approach that ensures the 100’s of bikes that line its car park 24/7 take centre stage.

The choice of Squires Café Annual Event for Vozz’s North East Launch was made all the easier when the on-site shop, Speed Style UK, became a Vozz Stockist. The owner of Speed Style, Jonathan Sykes, had been monitoring Vozz for some time and was delighted to start stocking Vozz (or at least as delighted as Jon can be).