COMFORT. Relax and enjoy the ride .

The Vozz helmet fastens onto your head with multiple points of contact. This snug and all-encompassing fit means there is no ear folding, no heavy spots and no uncomfortable pressing on your forehead.

AERODYNAMICS. Be in tune with the bike, hear your music or get lost in your own thoughts.

Due to the small bell opening Vozz has massively reduced wind noise. The ‘bullet shaped’ rolled chin bar also means no lift at high speeds.

CONVENIENCE. Save time for the important things.

Putting on and taking off the Vozz helmet is quick and simple, taking a fraction of the time of a standard helmet. The whole process can also be completed while still wearing glasses and gloves.

INNOVATION. Be part of something Revolutionary.

Vozz is the only two-part helmet in the world; there is nothing else like it. Be the first, blaze a trail and #JoinTheRevolution.

SAFETY. Ride with greater peace of mind.

In the event of an accident you will have every possible chance to receive the treatment you need.

  • Matte Black
  • Gloss Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Silver
  • White

Vozz RS 1.0 Helmet in Detail

Safety Release System (SRS)

The Vozz Safety Release System (SRS) has been created to give downed riders every available chance to receive treatment in the critical stages after a crash. Designed specifically to aid medical staff with the fast and safe removal of the helmet the SRS dramatically reduces the time in which a rider receives medical attention.

The first helmet of its kind the Vozz RS 1.0 offers paramedics a much safer alternative to what is currently a highly complex removal process that often involves cutting the helmet away from the head. By simply compressing two obvious latches either side of the helmet, the front portion unhinges and can be opened away from the rider's head. This provides sufficient access for treatment to be delivered, while the rear portion of the helmet continues to support the head and maintain the alignment of the spine.

Inside a Vozz helmet

What is immediately obvious when you first try on a Vozz helmet is how quiet the helmet is. The snug bell opening and high-quality EPS liner create a superb ambience inside the helmet which brings a sense of safety and security.

The method of placing the helmet onto the face, as opposed to pulling over the head, also brings a range of other comfort benefits. Riders who wear glasses will find that they can keep them on the entire time without the need to re-adjust, and concerns surrounding ear folding and stray hair are no longer an issue.

Another key advantage is the increased visibility that is offered by the wide visor. The 180-degree visibility and rounded chin bar enables seamless head movement and effortless shoulder checks.

The design also features superb aerodynamic qualities. The rounded chin bar is shaped like a bullet enabling it to cut through the air reducing lift and ensuring complete stability even at high speeds.


The Vozz Helmet provides an unrivalled level of comfort and bespoke fitment due to two key features: the adjustable chin cup and the innovative design.

The adjustable chin cup inside the chin bar replaces the traditional chin strap. This chin cup provides an additional point of contact between the helmet and the head of the rider which helps to distribute the weight more evenly and secure the helmet in place. The chin cup can also be moved to fit the unique jaw length of each rider. This is achieved through a sliding ratchet that is found beneath the cheek pads within the helmet. By simply loosening a fitting the chin cup can be moved backwards or forwards into one of 7 positions, increasing the possibility of finding the perfect fit. This ‘set and forget’ fitting method means you’ll never need worry about loosening or tightening your helmet again, removing issues such as strap creep.

The unique design of the Vozz Helmet also means there is a new entry method. To put the helmet on the rider places their face into the helmet before closing it from the rear. By fastening onto the head Vozz is able to close securely around the head and neck. This results in 98% of the EPS liner being in contact with the head of the rider, providing a balanced fit with no heavy spots or uncomfortable pressure.

Production quality

All Vozz helmets are constructed to rigorously high standards. The front shell is a tri-composite construction of Kevlar, Carbon and High-Grade Fiberglass and the rear shell is high-grade ABS.

The Vozz Helmet has ECE 22/05 and DOT Approval.

Vozz are in partnership with an International Composite Helmet Manufacturer who are ISO9001 certified and each helmet is subjected to rigorous QA guidelines to ensure the best quality is guaranteed.

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