Looking for the Owners Manual? Download a copy here.

Can I buy a Vozz Helmet now?

The Vozz helmet is available online through our website. There are also a select number of dealers who have already been installed. Our plan from March 2018 is to remove Vozz Helmets for purchase direct from us and fully support our dealer network.

Where can I try a Vozz Helmet?

The Vozz Dealer network is being installed and will be available nationwide in the UK and across premium outlets in Europe. In the meantime, Vozz will be attending a number of events and offering demos from our offices just South of Manchester. Please get in contact with us at Raff@vozz.co.uk for more details

What size will I be?

The Vozz helmet is available in 6 sizes (XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL) manufactured across 3 separate shell sizes. See a link to our sizing table here 

If you aren’t sure please give us a call and we can help.

How much does a Vozz Helmet weigh?

The Medium helmet weighs 1680g

Unlike traditional helmets which sit on top the rider’s head, the Vozz helmet actually holds the head using the chin cup and the additional padding around the rear of the head, this helps to nullify the weight. This results in a much higher proportion of the comfort liner being in contact with the head and therefore ensuring a better fit that spreads the weight evenly.

What is the Vozz Helmet made from?

The front shell is made using a Tri-composite of Kevlar, Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass and the rear shell is a high-grade ABS. The internal liner is made using a Dual Density EPS

Can I use an Intercom System?

Every helmet comes with a Universal Communication Plate as standard. This plate can be fixed under the rubber trim lining of the helmet and stuck to the rolled chin bar to provide a flat surface. This offer both a 20mm and 25mm option to attach Bluetooth communication devices to. At present the Vozz helmet is compatible with a range of devices including:

Sena – 30K / 20S / 20S Evo / 10S / 10C

Scala Rider – G9 / G9X / Q3 / Q1

What visors can I use?

Only certified Vozz visors may be used on the Vozz RS 1.0. Every helmet is sold with an ECE approved clear visor. Aftermarket visors are available in 80% tint, Chrome Silver, Chrome Gold and Chrome Blue. Due to the law in the UK visors are sold as a separate accessory.

Every visor has Anti-fog, Anti-scratch, Quick Release and UV Protection

Is there a Pin-lock available?

The VOZZ visor does not have a pin lock system. Pin lock is not required as the chin bar is approx. 1.5 inches longer than other helmets therefore moving the visor further away from nose and mouth. This gives the hot air more time to dissipate prior to contacting the visor. The visor also has the latest in anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment which works well.

Pin-Lock visors for the UK market are in high demand. We have addressed this and will be bringing out an after-market Pin-Lock visor in the near future.

What warranty comes with the Vozz Helmet?

A standard 3 year warranty. To activate your warranty you must sign up through the website – http://vozz.co.uk/register/

How do I get the right fit?

Please see the Vozz Manual or contact us direct.


Can I remove the lining?

The Vozz comfort liner is situated across four pieces, the front and rear sections and two removable cheek pads. The front and rear liners are non-removable to ensure a correct fit for the full life of the helmet. The cheek pads are fully removable for easy cleaning. Materials used for all liners are quick drying and anti-bacterial for a more comfortable ride. Note also that the maintenance and drying of your helmet is highly improved as a result of the increased access in the open position.

What is the ventilation like?

The Vozz helmet is designed to transfer airflow across the crown of your head to ensure a comfortable ride. Airflow to the visor and the crown of the head is created through large upper and lower vents. There are also 4 exhaust vents at the rear (top and bottom) which encourage warm air to escape and keep the helmet a comfortable temperature.

What safety accreditation does the Vozz RS 1.0 have?

Full ECE 22.05 approval, standard used by 47 countries worldwide. All Vozz helmets in circulation in Europe are ECE approved.

An advantage of the ECE 22.05 standard is the requirement for mandatory batch testing of helmets before they are released to the riding public.

When will the Vozz RS 1.0 be SHARP tested?

In order to secure a SHARP rating a random sample of 7 helmets must be purchased from a dealer outlet. Due to the new nature of the Vozz helmet this opportunity has not arrived yet. We have been in contact with SHARP and are hopeful of testing taking place soon.

When will the Vozz RS 1.0 be SNELL tested?

At present SNELL’s testing methods do not accommodate a modular helmet (or a helmet without a chin strap) which means the Vozz helmet is illegible for testing. A key aspect of the test includes a ‘retention system test’ which involves ‘applying a tension load to the fastened chin strap’.

We are in talks with SNELL at present and hope to discover if we may be applicable for testing in the near future.

Can I wear a Vozz RS 1.0 on a track day?

ACU Gold Accreditation has not yet been gained for the Vozz helmet.