About Vozz

The Vozz Europe Story.

Rewind to 2005, Johnny Vozzo, a keen skydiver, is sat in his workshop at home in Australia. After a weekend of constantly pulling his helmet on and off countless times between jumps his neck is stiff as a board and his ears are red and sore. Fed up with what the market had to offer Johnny decided in that moment it was time to create something completely different.

He quickly distinguished that a rear entry helmet was the best way forward and set about making a prototype. This attracted the interest of friend and keen biker Mark Bryant. He immediately saw the potential of the innovative design and whilst his initial thoughts were geared towards the horse racing industry, he quickly saw sense and realised that motorbikes were where this product needed to be. After multiple iterations and improvements, the Vozz helmet was born, positive press soon followed with the Vozz RS 1.0 being awarded the Good Design Award.

Appealing to a huge range of riders from all corners of the globe on a variety of bikes, the Vozz Helmet adds value in a mixture of different ways. From its unparalleled safety benefits and vastly improved comfort and rider experience, to the innovative and time saving helmet entry method Vozz has added something for every rider.

Helmet 28 were granted distribution rights for Vozz in late 2016 to enable Vozz access the European market. Helmet 28 LTD has been in business for over 5 years distributing Motorsport and Motorcycle products across Europe and specialises in market entry for innovative and disruptive products.

Just as with other innovative products before us, like Dyson and closer to home the modular flip up helmet, we have a long journey ahead to educate the market and make Vozz the market leader in helmet safety, comfort and style. But we have the team, knowledge and passion to make this a reality, and with the help and support of Vozz riders, a strong dealer network and industry stakeholders we are confident we can make this a reality.